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UFO on Forces TV

Quick note if you are in the UK (and probably some places overseas). Gerry Anderson’s groundbreaking UFO is currently being rerun on Forces TV which is part of the BFBS Network. There is an episode later this morning at 9:00am and another later in the afternoon at 13:00. Their website says 9am and 6pm, but best to check the EPG.

Forces TV is on Freesat 165, Sky 264 and Virgin 277 and I believe there is an online option via the TV Player app.


Anderson’s live action series was made late-Sixties to early-Seventies but depicts the future of the Eighties when alien invaders raid the earth for spare body parts and other nefarious purposes. Canadian actor Ed Bishop delivers an intense performance as an over-zealous commander who just one step away from a breakdown. Or perhaps he is a few steps over? The show has some striking model work with novel craft for dealing with an alien threat on land sea, air and in outer space. It also sports one of the best open title sequences a show could have. The SHADO organisation conducts a clandestine war against the invaders from beneath a movie studio. Bishop’s Ed Straker disguises his true role by pretending to be a movie mogul. His deputy was played by George Sewell, later replaced by Wanda Ventham. Gabrielle Drake leads a bevy of purple wigged ladies on the moon monitoring the space lanes for possible incursions and Michael Billington was on hand as a heart-throb space pilot.

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