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Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

Okay, so for my inaugural NuO-Deck post, I have decided to start a contest. Let's imagine we are a company tasked to develop a fighting game opposing the greatest pop culture characters of ALL TIME. This will a classic one-on-one fighting game à la Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. You can choose any character you want from any franchise and any medium you want.

But your roster is limited to 16 - 8 "good guys" and 8 "bad guys." So we have to choose a roster, and to do that we will have a contest!


To do so, I'm asking you to suggest as many fighters as you want. I will choose 32 of those - 16 good guys and 16 bad guys. We will then have one-versus-one match (with randomly determined match-up) and you are going to vote on those matches so we have our 16 fighter! Then, I will mock-up a character selection screen (unless someone better than me with image editing software wanna have a go.

There are only three limitations to the characters you can propose:

- Fictional characters only! Actors count as real people - the character they play is fair game, they are not. The Terminator is allowed, the Governator is not.

- No character originating from a fighting game! Characters from other franchises that appeared in a fighting game (Kratos, Mario, Batman, etc) are fair game.

- No religious figures! It's just asking for trouble.

If it turns out to be popular, I might come up with other contests related to it (stage selection, for example).


When you post your suggestion, please indicate if it is a good or bad guy. If it's ambiguous, you decide. When I do the final selection for the 32 that will be part of the final vote, I'll try to have the most variety possible. So if you post 24 characters from a single franchise, I'll select one or two.

May the showdown begin!!!!

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