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Um, I'm confused (A.K.A. Thoughts on Divergent) (Light Spoilers)

I decided to read Divergent this week "Why," You might say. "Geesejuggler, why would you read such drivel?! There's so many other books in the world worth your time. How you learned nothing from years of Book Club?" Because I'm trying to be less judgment and I like reading cheesy books. Check out my goodreads list in case you don't believe me! Also, the cast for the movie is pretty phenomenal so I figured why not? Yeah, I have no idea how I feel about this book.

1. The first 40 pages were so boring! I was literally screaming at the book "Get better!!" Even after she decides to join the Dauntless, I still didn't feel anything. I wasn't pulled into this new world of awesomeness as I expected and that bothered me. I have no idea why I felt compelled to finish it when I cheated and looked it up on Wikipedia.


2. Tris herself. I think that deciding to write the book in present-first-person voice might have taken from it to me. I can think of 3 different YA series that does that and it just feels cliché and a bit annoying to me now. I also think that it made it hard for me to like Tris since you're going along with this book with her. By the end of a book, I like to know who the character is, especially if they're the one telling your their story and I don't feel like I know who Tris is. Is that the point or is it just me?

3. I love that there was no real Love Triangle or that romance wasn't really in the forefront. We need more of that in YA books. Sometimes I want my books to give me the lovey-dovey feels, sometimes I just want my heroes to focus more on saving themselves or the world more than their hearts being touched be a special someone.

4. Four, the character. While I do love me some Four because of reasons (I don't know why, okay!), if I was given a choice between Four and Rory Williams from Doctor Who, I'd pick Rory. He's a better written character and he's a roman. Four was just kinda there to be awesome and swoon-worthy to me.

5. Storywise, I still have no idea what to feel. It was okay but I was disappointed. Last year, I read Cinder by Marissa Meyer and The Fault IN Our Stars by John Green, both great YA books that I expected to put down after a few chapters and ended up reading the entire book in a day because I was so sucked in and I kept hearing about Divergent every time someone talked about good YA books of 2012. I thought that in the midst of everything, I might have missed a new favorite and I now feel meh. I'll probably go see the movie next year but I don't know.


So people who have read it, tell me: Am I missing something? Was there anything in the book that popped out at you that was special? Feel free to let me know.

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