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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled Una Stubbs painted these adorable portraits of Sherlock and Watson

Actress Una Stubbs, known to many for her role as long-suffering landlady Mrs. Hudson in Sherlock, has had two watercolour portraits of her co-stars exhibited in the Royal Academy's prestigious Summer Exhibition this year.

Called Martin and Benedict respectively, Stubbs' simple watercolours of Cumberbatch and Freeman see them clad in their alter-egos of Sherlock and John, capturing some of their most defining features - Sherlock's in particular with his curls, piercing blue eyes and the infamous Cumberbatch cheekbones on full display.


The Summer Exhibition, a curated collection of amateur and professional artwork, has been run every year by the Academy since the mid-late 18th century, and is open to the public this year from June 9th until August 17th. You can see a few examples of what's on display this year in Will Gompertz's review of the exhibition for the BBC.

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