Remember when it was announced David O. Russell would direct a movie adaptation of the Playstation 3 blockbuster action/adventure series Uncharted? It was supposed to star Mark Wahlberg and Robert de Niro and be about how Nathan Drake belongs in this dynastic family of treasure hunters? I haven't really played more than 5 mins of the Uncharted game that came bundled w/ my PS3—it's more of an Amazon/Netflix/bluray box for my purposes—but when I heard that plot description I immediately thought of Nathan Fillion and Bruce Campbell. Well, I think I just joined in with the rest of the Internet's clamoring for Nathan Fillion in the lead role, but since there's now a dad in the story, I realized the best choice would've been Bruce Campbell. Those two guys really know how to charm up the screen with a nice helping of ham. And they share the same 12 year age difference that separated Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

On a side note: I'm almost 2 seasons behind on Castle, but I was sorely disappointed when I heard they had someone else play Castle's dad. It's a shame USA Network is NBC/Universal because imagine the amazing opportunities a Castle/Burn Notice crossover would yield.