Tonight, season finale, 1x13. Last week, someone got saved, someone got shot, the mini-dome shrieks. It drew me in enough to get screencaps, even as I bemoan another murder. Spoilers, obviously.

Big Jim manipulates the town into a house to house search for Barbie. He talks over Linda's mild objections.

"I am not turning our town into a police state, just because you say so," says Linda but we know her mild protest doesn't stand a chance.

"It's not me, Linda, it's the people," says Big Jim then gives a pep talk about tending crops and cleaning up. He sends Junior to the hospital to guard Julia, with extra instructions that Junior calls him as soon as Julia wakes up.


That pink thing hanging is the monarch cocoon, which has grown a little. Norrie's mom finds the three teens and the egg in the barn. "It's, like, the dome's hart," says Norrie. Carolyn doesn't trust Big Jim and alerts them to the town search. Joe and Norrie cart the covered mini-dome (ET anyone?) over to Joe's friend Ben's house, which had already been searched.


Remember Ben? We hadn't seen him for awhile (I didn't remember his name until Phaelin commented.) Now he's guarding the mini-dome. It starts glowing and emitting a piercing sound.

Barbie's on the run. He grabs Angie and and tells her, if Julia tells the town she was shot by a woman, and not by Barbie, Big Jim's story falls apart. Angie's on board with saving Julia.


They hide and observe the guards Big Jim posted outside the hospital. Angie knows there's a guard inside. She still has a hospital key, they'll go in the back door.

Before action, Angie grabs a smoke. This is not the glamour smoke of yore and last time Barbie lit Angie's cigarette, bad things happened. And this time, Junior is idling around Julia's hospital room. Angie grabs her candy striper uniform and works her charms on Junior while Barbie wheels Julia's bed away.


Who would have thought we see these two smooching again, even as a ruse. Which doesn't last long because Junior remembers. Is Angie in danger?

Dodee hears chatter on her radio again. The military says finding Dale "Barbie" is essential, he's the only one with the expertise to deal with the egg thing our instruments pick up. And Dodee seeks Big Jim out to tell him about the chatter and the egg and he rushes to the station. She's not at her brightest, but she got zapped by the mini-dome before.


The other radio guy, Phil, is away, assisting Linda in the search for Barbie. No one but Big Jim and Dodee at the station. At first, Big Jim puffs up as he hears the outside voices discussing his name as the town's spokesman.


Then the chatter continues "Is he a viable contact of this mission?...I would not recommend that, Sir, a full perimeter sweep of the dome wall caught Rennie murdering the town reverend at the bridge roadblock." Big Jim looks like the Terminator. And Dodee overhears but stays stuck, she could have ducked and run.

She confronts Big Bad Big Jim.

Dodee: I thought what happened was an accident

Big Jim: He was an accident waiting to happen

(please let her talk her way out of this one)

Dodee: But he didn't do it, did he

(ok girl, I thought you were more street-wise than confront when you're defenseless.)


Big Jim: he did more than enough. All those people deserve whatever they got coming to them, they were threats to Chesters Mill. All I've ever done was protect the people of this town. Think I'd hurt them? Or you?

(ok maybe she still got a chance, maybe I'm just naively hoping we can be entertained and ratings can be good without another murder)

Big Jim: ok let's help each other out here, focus on this egg thing. Where did you see it?


Dodee: it was at Joe McAllister's barn (you could have said, I will lead you to it)

Big Jim: You've been very useful. But that Dome can't come down. Not now.

So Big Jim has big plans, and now that the outside world and Dodee know he's a murderer, they need to be silenced.


Too sad, then Big Jim shoots her.


Big Jim torches the radio station, and heads to Joe's barn.

Well somebody grew a spine in town, and she's having none of it. The egg was already at Ben's but mom Carolyn puts on a show.


But in the end, everyone winds up in jail.


Barbie gave himself up to Linda and Phil, who can't resist kicking Barbie while he's down, so Angie could drive away with Julia in an ambulance. Instead of trying to evade the hunt, Angie turns back to the hospital and hides Julia in a supply room. Julia wakes up and tells Angie she was shot by a woman. In jail, Big Jim makes a deal with Barbie: his confession to all murders, in exchange for freedom for the others.


Junior warned his father about being in danger. But with Barbie in jail, Junior's suspicious when Big Jim tells him again to watch out for Julia and call him if she's found.

Bonus shot of Ben, since I'd forgotten his name. Mini-dome shriek drove him out of the house.


When he released the teens from jail, Big Jim had Linda follow them. Linda walks in on the egg. Will Big Jim win all his battles?


Another town assembly, but in public, why would Barbie confess?!

We now know that from outside, the military has been monitoring the dome all along. But now, no more radio station.