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Unexpected pitfalls to technology

So, watching Black Mirror recently got me thinking. Technology is supposed to be helpful to us, and a lot of the time it is! But apart from actual abuse (i.e., drunk drivers, criminal undertakings, etc.), wartime application, and environmental issues, sometimes technology that's meant to help can be a double-edged sword.

My personal example: My hearing aid. A few years ago I got a new one, and it was such a great difference. I can hear without strain and rediscovered sounds that I'd forgot even existed. Everything was awesome.

The problem: I can't tune sounds out or ignore noise without actually turning the fucking thing off. So when sirens happen; when my co-workers chit-chat, or cough (as they all do with alarming regularity), it completely shatters my concentration. And it is physically painful to boot.


The hearing aid is programmed to emphasize human speech, so when it comes to the chit-chat, I can't necessarily follow their conversation (because that would require far more attention than I'm willing to give their in-depth discussion of bowel movements), but the hearing aid enhances their speech, making it impossible to ignore. Loud voices directly in my ear canal! That's hard even for a deaf guy.

So I'm curious if other people have experienced unexpected pitfalls from awesome modern technology. Or, hell: What about science fictional technology?

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