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I have no words. Well, yes I do, but they are not appropriate for mixed company.

This hat retails for 595.00 on Net-a-Porter dot com. Now, Piers Atkinson is a bit of a goof ball in the world of millinery, so it comes as no shock when his price tags exceed belief, but this... I just can't...


From the editor's notes:

"The magical, mythical unicorn is a fitting motif for playful and inventive milliner Piers Atkinson. Crafted from canvas, this glitter-adorned purple baseball cap works perfectly with a clashing tee."

If you have an extra 600 buck lying around, here is the link to purchase the magical hat of nonsense.


Cue the Bronies gluing Pinkie Pie dolls to the brims of Laker's caps in 3...2...1...

I'd also like to add that the fabric is actually not canvas, it's twill. More of a steep twill, which would put it more on par with gabardine than anything else.

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