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Unintended Consequences

I used to spend a lot of time in book stores. There was no Amazon and no internet. I liked to read so I would go to Crown books (this is even before Barnes and Noble or Borders, but I spent a lot of time in those too) and look through all 5 or six shelves of paperback SF, then walk out with 5 or ten books. I didn't know when things were coming out. I didn't know what authors were working on. I would just read the titles and authors and buy a bunch. I even used to rip out the pages at the back and mail checks off to publishers for hard to find stuff that would arrive four to six weeks later.

Then Amazon came out and I spent less time in bookstores. Now I have a Kindle and I spend almost no time in bookstores. I learn about books here on the o-deck or on io9 proper and I periodically search my favorite authors on Amazon but still sometimes I miss things. Just today I learned that there was a third book in the Heorot series by Niven, Pournelle and Barnes published almost two years ago. I'm the first to admit that New Niven isn't nearly as good as old or even sorta old Niven, but he is still an author I like and I enjoyed the first two books in this series.


The Secret of Black Ship Island isn't available in print. I don't know if it ever was, so I might have missed it entirely if I didn't have an e-reader. But it makes me wonder what I am missing by not going to book stores much anymore.

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