Another day, another protest against the proposed gold mine (read: environmental and economic disaster) at Rosia Montana. In Bucharest around 15 000 people took to the streets in a march. And yep, I was there.

And it was awesome. It's hard to describe how it feels to be in the middle of 15 000 people yelling and shaking their coin-filled plastic bottles. The sound is incredible, especially when when it echoes back in Bucharest's sometimes canyon - like streets.

Meanwhile in Rosia Montana, 33 employees of Rosia Montana Gold Corporation have gone back into the underground to show support for the mining project and to prove how hard conditions are when working down there. They've spent the week previous there as well, and came out last Sunday after the Prime Minister went in to get them, at prime-time, of course. After after that hoopala the press had a sudden "revelation" that the mine shaft from which the miners refused to come out of is actually an ancient one that is a museum, and is only undergoing preservation works. Never mind that the whole proposed project is an open-pit mine which would destroy most of the ancient roman mines and artifacts.


And most of the mainstream press is still reporting the number of participants at the march at 15 000 which they've been doing for the past 3 weeks, even though today were definitely less people that last week (which I'd bet was closer to 20 000, maybe more). And barely even mentioning protests outside of Bucharest (in some 40 cities and towns in Romania) and abroad (in another 35 or so cities).

So, that was my lazy Sunday afternoon. How was yours?