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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Unseen clips from the Anniversary Special Who fans would rather forget

2013 is a year for Doctor Who fans to remember, and to celebrate their favourite TV show's outstanding legacy. However, part of that legacy that most fans would rather not have to remember, has just had a little more of itself uncovered...


20 years ago, the BBC celebrated the 30th Anniversary with a 3-D Children in Need charity special called Dimensions in Time, a crossover where all surviving Doctors (Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy) and a host of past companions collided with... the cast of Eastenders.

It was as bad as that description sounds - The Rani threatened Pat Butcher outside the Queen Vic. Fifi from The Happiness Patrol made a return as part of the Rani's menagerie of pets. The Third Doctor and Mel traveled to the far flung future of 2013 to question older, futury versions of Pauline Fowler and Kathy Beale (the latter of whom got bumped off in Eastenders in 2006, further plunging the Canonicity of Dimensions in Time into madness). At one point The Rani captures the First and Second Doctor, declaring:

Pickled in Time... like gherkins in a jar!

Suffice to say, it was pretty terrible stuff.

But now, you can 'enjoy' almost eight minutes of rare, previously unseen footage from the filming of the special, including outtakes and cut scenes, not seen since the original broadcast in November 1993 - spliced from the original rushes and VHS copies - in the player above.


And remember this year, when Fans begin to wail about what is or what isn't in this November's 50th Anniversary Special... it could have been worse.

It could've been Dimensions in Time: Part 2.

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