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I am ridiculously unspoilt for Supernatural. I haven't been this blank going in for years—all I know for sure is which episode we're to next see Cas in, and that's it. It's a really scary place to be, because so many of the suggestions sound ridiculously plausible.

Take for instance, something we've seen a shitload of so far—actor reuse:


Credit where credit is due—this was taken from tumblr: http://nacho-delanoche.tumblr.com/post/436439015…

Anyway—Vancouver's not the biggest city, but come on—Smallville, X-Files, a ton of other shows—in fact, Supernatural through seven seasons doesn't have re-use like this. Why now?

If they pull a dream season I am going to *scream*. I'm more gentle than most people about alternate universes and dreams, etc, because they can tell us a lot. And they can have impact on our main storyline, as well as all the information we've gained. But even though I've liked most of what I've seen before, if any developments I've become attached to are erased—that's going to be hard to take. I don't want to slide backwards.

In Fringe, for instance, we knew when we were with the other folks. We could parse it then with those expectations. But if the exciting stuff the writers want Tumblr pumped for in 19 and 20 include any explanation for this, I might just explode loud enough to be heard in Canada.


Of all the fan theories in the air now, this is the one I'm frightened of. At least I can laugh about the "Dean will come out as bi and snog Castiel" projections. That's funny. But this would be serious. And given I spent a lot of time thinking Amelia was a figment of Sam's imagination (also hoping)...yikes.

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