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Unsullied Eyes - Game of Thrones #4.09 (6/8/14)

"The Watchers on the Wall". Unsullied Eyes is a discussion space for Game of Thrones viewers who have not read the books. Be warned that there are spoilers for the latest Game of Thrones episode after the jump. The purpose of this discussion space is so that we can talk about the show as is. Book readers are welcome, but please refrain from making comparisons, hints, or spoilers.

Let's start with...

  • Maester Aemon and nose fetish.
  • Giants and mammoths!!!
  • Gilly and Sam! I was so worried that something was going to happen to Gilly and lil' Sam.
  • RIP Pyp, Ygritte, and Grenn.
  • So... rapists vs. cannibals. It's okay if I didn't cheer for either side, right?

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