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Welcome to Venic... Braavos! This week, Arya arrives at the port city of Braavos, an economic powerhouse. The Iron Bank of Braavos bankrolled Stannis Baratheon’s new army with which he quelled the impending Wildling invasion, but more on that later.

If you recall, several seasons ago, Arya freed a Braavosi man called Jaqen H’ghar from a certain fiery death. In return he freed Arya and her friends from the Lannisters and offered to let her join the Faceless Men, which like an assassin’s guild, I guess, with members who can literally change faces. She’s there, but no one lets her in. Oh well.


I’m so happy that the random shot from the previous episode with Brienne and Pod happening upon Sansa and Littlefinger actually went somewhere instead of it being a cute “They were so close, but missed each other by a hair!” tease.

Brienne called Sansa by name in public. I’m guessing that’s going to cause a major ripple in Westeros. Poor Brienne just can’t catch a break. Sansa was right to distrust strangers, I suppose. Siiiigh. I was sure that Pod was going to die tonight when he and Brienne were separated, ESPECIALLY after her attempted break up last week.


Oh look! It’s our favorite traitrous sellsword! Did he just threaten to kill his future sister-in-law without his fiancee realizing it? I really want Jaime’s fetching leather jacket. I hope Bronn doesn’t die this season.


Dorne! Ellaria Sand! As I’ve told stellastar42 last week, Indira Varma is so instantly captivating, but she didn’t get to do much in the previous season. Hopefully she gets more roles than just looking sexy in the background. “Remove yourself from my path or I’ll take that long axe and shove it up your...!” I also love her needlessly sexy mourning garb.

Doctor Bashir, I Presume?

Sooooo... Greyscale is a contagious disease that turns men into literal monsters?!?? Or is that the infected go mad and merely act like beasts?


Stannis Baratheon’s plan wasn’t to sail into King’s Landing directly (again), but to use the Wildlings as foot soldiers to take back the North, then to rally all the northern houses to his cause. It’s a pretty brilliant plan, I think, but stupid Jon Snow is derailing his plan. Damn know-nothing Snow. Damn Lord Commander know-nothing Snow.

Jaqen H’ghar lets Arya into the House of Black and White (Doors)!!!


Uh oh. Daenerys’s rule at Meereen is falling apart. There was a clear parallel drawn between this week’s episode and last week’s. Just as her dragons have turned against her, it looks like the former slaves will turn against her too. And Drogon appears to Daenerys to perhaps represent Westeros’s still being out of her reach. Amazingly, the actor who played her dead council member did play the former slave who first stood up against the Masters in the previous season. It’s so weird to see such adherence to continuity when the show’s already recast several notable characters several times already.