Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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“High Sparrow”. Unsullied Eyes is a discussion space for Game of Thrones viewers who have not read the books. Be warned that there are spoilers for the latest aired Game of Thrones episode after the jump. The purpose of this discussion space is so that we can talk about the show as is. Book readers are welcome, but please refrain from making comparisons, hints, or spoilers.

Sorry about posting this so late. I couldn’t watch the episode on time because of all the Avengers-related stuff last week.

  • So... another wedding! Margaery vs. Cersei is ramping up big time!
  • Margaery + Tommen made me very uncomfortable. To quote a friend, “Made Tommen the coolest kid at his high school”.
  • I always wanted Sansa to return to Winterfell, but not like this!!! At least Brienne and Pod are nearby.
  • I feel like Renly would’ve been a nice king for the Seven Kingdoms, but alas he was too nice for Game of Thrones. This is why I fear for Tommen’s well being.
  • Jon Snow exercises his authority for the first time by executing someone for dereliction of duty, recalling the moment Ned Stark had to execute a deserter in the beginning of the series.
  • I’m not sure what Cersei plans to do, allying herself with a ultra-pious ascetic and Dr. Frankenstein. This isn’t going to go well for her...
  • Welp. The Tyrion/Varys Show is already over before it began. I suppose it was a bit tiring to see Tyrion whine in every single scene they were in. I guess he’ll get to Daenerys one way or another, but he thinks he’ll be going back to his sister, probably.
  • And finally, Arya tries to become “faceless”, but she can’t quite do it. I wonder if it’ll come back to bite her in the ass. Game of Thrones bites everyone in the ass.
  • Holy guest stars! Aside from Jonathan Pryce (of Brazil and Pirates of Caribbeans fame), this episode also featured Faye Marsay and Rila Fukushima, whom you might recognize from last year’s Doctor Who Christmas special and The Wolverine, respectively. Fun!
Illustration for article titled Unsullied Eyes - Game of Thrones #5.03 (4/26/15)

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