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Guys, I think I reached the breaking point with the show today. This is by far the most frustrating, unsatisfying, and mean-spirited show ever. However strong the theme was, no matter what kind of framework it builds for a bombastic finale, this episode makes me want to quit the show. And all of it is encapsulated in that final scene. Boy, that final scene...

Rape is not a new thing in the show. It’s not even the first time Sansa was subjected to sexual assault either. Hell, marital rape is hardly a new thing in real life and history. But none of that keeps it from being a hugely problematic scene for the show and the audience. It definitely makes me think like it’s the worst thing the show’s done to its characters. Maybe I’m being unfair since Daenerys was also raped in the first season too after being forced to marry (and that scene was overtly graphic), and 99% of women in Game of Thrones probably have to suffer the same and worse.

I also hope they’re not using rape just as a cheap plot device. I guess we won’t really know until the end of the season, but it’s not hard to imagine that the writers are using it to say “Look how evil Ramsay is, making Theon watch Sansa getting raped!” and “Poor Sansa and Theon! Fans will cheer extra hard when Ramsay dies!” I really hope that’s not the case, but the show had been utterly tone deaf regarding rape before.

But, hey. I guess the pillar of faces was kinda cool, right?