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  • THAT BITCH MELISANDRE!!! Stannis is doomed!
  • Oh god, we need Stannis for more dragonglass, but damn that Stannis! Westeros is screwed. Seriously, Jon Snow should’ve asked Stannis for a steady flow of dragonglass first before he left.
  • Sansa should’ve kept that shiv, but Stannis made for a damn good diversion. But damn unfortunate coincidences! God, I hate this season’s reliance on coincidences.
  • To war! Urrrrrr. Nevermind.
  • Man, those Bolton men were smart, going for Stannis’ legs first so that he couldn’t escape.
  • Brienne avenges Renley and Shireen!!! But then, who is R’hllor’s true champion?! Like I said, Westeros is screwed.
  • Not going to miss Myranda at all.
  • GET THE SHIV SANSA!!! Damn Winterfell and its excellent fortification!
  • So... those who live in the wintry north, does jumping onto a pile of snow actually soften your fall?
  • Man, Arya’s turned into a little monster. So evil. Surely that’s going to get her kicked out of her new boarding school, for stealing school supplies at night? Her punishment is that the principle dies? I don’t understand the House of Black and White at all.
  • Damn those Sand Snakes. RIP Myrcella. You did nothing wrong, and the Dornish upbringing made you cool with the fact that your uncle is also your father, but alas this is Game of Thrones and all nice people must die. And so the Sand Snakes get what they want; Trystane will be kept as a hostage at King’s Landing or worse, forcing Doran to wage war on the Lannisters. Even if he doesn’t, removing the Prince’s heir from Dorne does a great deal to undermine his influence over the people, no doubt. The Sand Snakes are so ruthless. They’ll probably last till the end of the series.
  • Tyrion speaks Valyrian!
  • Tyrion + Missandei + Grey Worm AND VARYS!!! Someone’s reading my diaries. Come on D&D. You’d better not keep Varys away from the screen like you did this season.
  • Stupid Drogon lets Daenerys get captured(?) by Dothraki riders. Please don’t tell me that we don’t spend the entire next season watching Daenerys trying to rule and enlighten yet another culture of “savages”.
  • Cersei just doesn’t get it, still trying to bargain her way out of her situation. But it doesn’t make her humiliation any easier to watch. Who’s going to liberate the capital from the Faith Militant? Will it be Frankenstein’s Mountain?
  • RIP Jon Snow?!???
  • Damn that Olly.
  • Where’s Melisandre to mop up all of that precious blood? Davos, Dolorious Edd, and she better have escaped the murderous mob!

My god, that’s such a frustrating finale for a frustrating season.