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Unsullied Eyes is a discussion space for Game of Thrones viewers who have not read the books. Be warned that there are spoilers for Game of Thrones up to Season 4 after the jump. The purpose of this discussion space is so that we can talk about the show as is. Book readers are welcome, but please refrain from making comparisons, hints, or spoilers.

Hello friends. Let's discuss GRR Martin's ominous warning about deaths in the upcoming Game of Thrones season without worrying about book spoilers! Many commenters on the original article are undoubtedly going to refer to the books for potential hints as to what's going to happen next, so I thought we could use a non-spoiler space for an open discussion. Who do you think is going to die next season? And who can't die?


We could also discuss other Game of Thrones related topics since we haven't had a spoiler-free discussion space since last June.

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