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UPDATE! Re: Is Zen Pencils criticizing fandom?

If you saw my post from yesterday, you know I was slightly concerned about the potential implications of the latest Zen Pencils comic. I felt that it seemed to imply something negative about cosplay, fandom, or "escape" in general.

Well, I emailed Gav Aung (a.k.a. Zen Pencils), and he responded! Here's what he emailed to me:

Thanks for the post and feedback. It's funny, some people have said it's their favourite comic and some have said they hate it! For the record:

- The comic is not criticising fandom, rather the opposite - it's meant to show how fandom can help one cope with difficult situations. If I have to explain it panel by panel, then I've obviously failed as a storyteller and need to get back to the drawing board!


He also gave a shout-out to my post in the comments section of his website:

It might also be worth noting that Zen Pencils has depicted cosplay in other ways as well.

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