So I recently asked for help using a doge meme for the surprises I had sent to a friend for Valentine's. Here is an update on my whatever.

Those are the flowers, which she received yesterday. They're blooming already and yes it is a crapload of lilies. (You can't go wrong giving a girl her favorite type of flowers.)

Today she gets the chocolate covered strawberries.

EDIT/UPDATE: She got the strawberries!


Along with the following things courtesy of my mind and some of yours. All of which I'll drop off this evening.

The following doge one is courtesy of LizTaylorsEarrings.


The following is courtesy of xeos_.

And I'm debating which of the following amazing cards to send courtesy of 99TelepodProblems. They're all winners in my book!


It's that or go with this one, which I think we all can agree is awesome.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments about how incredibly corny and dorky but awesome I am?

If anyone needs me tomorrow I'll be busy not replying to a living soul because I'll be busy watching Frank Underwood be a completely brilliant and maniacal bastard. It's like Netflix knew I wanted to spend the day alone and said, "Here you go, pal. Enjoy this along with your pizza and beer. Happy V-Day!"