I recently, for the first time in my life, explored three abandoned places. Two of these three had structures I could go inside. The third I haven't explored fully, yet.

A small warehouse that looks as if there had been a bit of a fire, though most of it looks as if it wasn't touched, was the first one. I had to sneak through a gap in the fence (there were no No Trespassing signs anywhere in site) to get into it. When I first stepped in I was a bit anxious and nervous casting a glance at every sound, and it was a windy day. It took some time for my eyes to adjust as I started my first foray into the type of photography I'd always wanted to try.

About twenty minutes into taking, what I'd find out later was not very good, photos I calmed down and forgot about the noises. There was a work site on the other side of the building I'd come in on, but there was a small fence in between them. There was no one inside, and it looked as if no one had ventured in there in some time. There was graffiti, but the way the plants were blocking the ways in, I could tell I wouldn't be bothered. As far as I could tell, the way I'd come in was the only way in. Out of all the photos I took, I did manage some good ones. But after seeing how a lot of them turned out, I made the choice to go back the next day after work and try my hand again. This time I read up a little on how to take photos in the dark and found that the ones I took on day two were MUCH better.

A small farmhouse was the second place I went. Getting there wasn't difficult. I had to go through a small tree line and there was a small abandoned stable staring at me. There was a storage shed that looked to be still in use and had a No Trespassing sign on it only. So I didn't try to go inside. But the barn was fair game. It looked as if there had been horses at one time. There was still some hay and a few halters. Along with a desk.


Going straight through took me to a clearing. Just past that was an abandoned house. Not sure if there was a fire or not. Didn't see any charred wood. What ever happened, the place was a wreck. A little further over was a garage. There were tons of gas cans and such in there but I couldn't stay too long because the fumes were horrible. Most of the pictures were of the house and barn, along with the surrounding woods. Like the first day at the warehouse (which was on the same day) some of the pictures didn't turn out well.


I went back on the second day as well, though I chose to go to the farmhouse before the warehouse. I did get better pictures, but I didn't learn all my little tricks until I was at the warehouse. So, the some of the pictures weren't as good as I'd hoped. I may go back to the farm one more time to get a few more that I really wanted.

The third place, which is mostly demolished now, is an abandoned amusement park. I didn't get to explore much because I only had thirty minutes to look around. There were some remains of things in the woods, the carousel house (which was shuttered and had a welded chain keeping it closed) and a barn. I'd say I probably only saw about a third of the place before I had to turn back so I could get to work on time. I didn't get any pictures as I was just scouting, but I will definitely be going back.


(this is much longer than I thought it would be...)

There are five types of abandoned buildings on my list of places I want to see in person:

1. Asylum

2. Library

3. Bowling alley

4. School

5. Mansion

I know those can be hard places to find, especially around here, but I could venture to Wisconsin.


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I haven't posted all my pics yet, as I was told it was better to queue them up. So I'll have 7 a day between 6 and 7pm CT. Thanks for reading and checking out my stuff!