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US "Media" Does Its Job; Asks 'Snail Sex' Researchers Questions

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I use real quotes around media because Iowa Science Interface is not really what most people would call media, it's a blog updated every few weeks about science issues in Iowa.

But, unlike conservative news sources in the US which were busy foaming at the mouth about the moral (?) and ethical implications of the US federal government studying biology, ISI's author took a crazy step in talking about the issue of snail sex: it talked to two of the researchers.

Neiman said the extent of her contact with the press was an email from the CNSNews reporter. Under the guise of writing an article about the federal sequester’s effects on science research, he asked her to confirm the amount of the grant. “I said, ‘Yup, that’s it,’” Neiman said. She later got a call from a Fox network reporter with the same question. “Not that my expectations are high for the conservative press,” she adds, “but there was zero effort on their part” to understand the science and its implications.

Well, obviously, why bother trying to understand a science if your job, as a "reporter" is to make readers think that the science is worthless?


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