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Utah! Get Me Two!

Did you know that they remaking Point Break? And Gerard Butler is going to play Bodhi, the character originally played by the Swayze? No word yet on who will play F...B...I... Agent Johnny Utah.

I guess it's no surprise since Hollywood just endlessly recycles, reboots, re-imagines and revamps any movie from the last 100 years that made any amount of money. But Point Break? Many younger people who go to see this movie might not see it as a remake of the original movie, but instead as a ripoff of The Fast and the Furious. Think about it. Point Break is about an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a gang of surfers who are robbing banks. The Fast and the Furious is about an undercover L.A. cop, working for the FBI, infiltrating a gang of car racers who are robbing trucks.


Fun fact: Point Break was the last movie that Kathryn Bigelow directed while being married to James Cameron.

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