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No. Just, No.

Utah State University received a mass shooting threat from someone going by the name "Marc Lepine" because Anita Sarkeesian was going to speak there. If that name rings a bell, it's because that was the asshole who targeted and murdered female engineering students at Ecole Polytechnique on December 6, 1989.

And you know what? I had to work up the courage to even post about this, because I don't want to join the ranks of women who have been hounded out of their homes by these assholes. And so help me I will delete this post if it gets mainpaged, ODeck guidelines be damned. I do not need this shit. I just wanted to share additional evidence that there are misogynist terrorists out there who are associating themselves with gamers, Gamergate bullshit and all the rest of it.


I don't understand how anyone thinks threatening people with violence and death is ever acceptable, but especially over video games.

By the way, when I Googled Marc Lepine to double-check the date of the Polytechnique Massacre, this is what popped up:

And no, this isn't meant to find a different Marc Lepine.

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