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Valentine's Day Twinja Madness: Battle of the Heartthrobs, Round 4 (Finals)

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This is it folks: the final battle. Who will triumph as the dreamiest man and woman of them all? It’s up to you.


The rules for how this works are simple.

  1. There are four two groups: one for men, one for women.
  2. You get 1 vote for each group.
  3. The top contestant of each group will be declared the winner for tomorrow, February 14.
  4. This round lasts a single day and encompasses all of the remaining contestants.
  5. Votes are collected here (men) and here (women). Feel free to vote in both categories or just one!

And now for our contestants!


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Margaret “Peggy” Carter (Marvel)

  • Description: Devoted agent, passionate feminist, patriotic Briton
  • In Her Own Words: “It’s so hard getting straight answers out of people nowadays. Whatever happened to a nice cup of tea and a civilized interrogation?”
  • MBTI Personality: ENTJ
  • Likes: Discipline, good men, nice hats
  • Dislikes: Being told no, sexism, Nazis
  • Date Ideas: Punching Nazis, sneaking into secret labs
  • Short Bio: Adventurous from a young age, Margaret Carter was inspired by her brother Michael to join the war effort in World War II. Eventually joining the Strategic Science Reserve as an adviser, Carter proved herself a capable agent, gaining the admiration of Colonel Chester Phillips, Captain Steve Rogers, and consultant Howard Stark. After the war, Peggy continued her work within the SSR, combating both enemy agents and sexism, until she was asked to help form the SSR’s successor agency, SHIELD, by Howard Stark and Chester Phillips. Carter loaned her considerable abilities to SHIELD for most of the rest of her life, helping to make it the capable organization it is.
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Leia Organa (Star Wars)

  • Description: Orphan princess, rebel leader, rogue politician
  • In Her Own Words: “Someone has to save our skins. Into the garbage chute, fly boy. ”
  • MBTI Personality: ESTJ
  • Likes: Freedom, Jedi, scoundrels
  • Dislikes: Tyranny, superweapons, her father
  • Date Ideas: Stealing secret superweapon plans, visiting Cloud City
  • Short Bio: The secret daughter of Senator Padmé Amidala Naberrie and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, Leia Organa was raised on Alderaan by Queen Breha and her consort Senator Bail Organa as the planet’s crown princess. Leia, like her birth mother and her adopted father, became involved in politics from an early age and eventually became Alderaan’s representative in the Imperial Senate. Similarly like her parents, Leia became concerned with the authoritarian rule of the Galactic Empire and became increasingly involved with the burgeoning Rebel Alliance. Leia helped lead the Rebels to victory after the Battles of Yavin and Endor and was one of the founders of the New Republic. However, Leia became increasingly disillusioned with the Republic in her later years, splitting from its leadership to found the underground Resistance intended to fight the rising First Order.


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Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek)

  • Description: Starship captain, hobbyist archaeologist, hopeful humanist
  • In His Own Words: “It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.”
  • MBTI Personality: INTJ
  • Likes: Early Grey tea, diplomacy, Shakespeare
  • Dislikes: Senseless violence, dishonesty, greed
  • Date ideas: Archaeological dig, Dixon Hill holonovel
  • Short Bio: Born in La Barre, France to Maurice and Yvette Picard, Jean-Luc Picard was raised to be a traditional vineyard owner as his family had been for generations. However, Jean-Luc showed far greater interest in the sciences and exploration and when he reached adulthood he joined Starfleet, against his family’s wishes. Brilliant but arrogant, Jean-Luc made quite a stir at the Academy and was nearly killed in a bar fight with a group of Nausicaans. Afterward, Picard became more contemplative but also assertive, driving him to become the flight controller aboard the USS Stargazer where he was forced to take command when the ship’s captain was killed. Picard’s capabilities would land him the command of the USS Enterprise, the Federation’s so-called “flagship,” which would see him at the forefront of many of the most important events of the late 24th century, including the Borg invasion, first contact with the Q Continuum, and the establishment of the Romulan resistance.
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Steve Rogers / Captain America (Marvel)

  • Description: American patriot, war veteran, amateur artist
  • In His Own Words: “I don’t want to kill anyone. I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they’re from.”
  • MBTI Personality: ISFJ
  • Likes: Truth, justice, freedom
  • Dislikes: Lies, tyranny, bullies
  • Date ideas: Dancing, punching Nazis
  • Short Bio: Steve Rogers was the sole child of Sarah and Joseph Rogers. Both his parents died when Steve was young, leaving him to care for himself in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. Kind and compassionate from an early age, Rogers developed both a strong sense of civic duty and a distaste for cruelty, leading him to pick a number of fights with bullies who preyed on the weak... even though he himself was sick and frail. Rogers’ patriotism and kindness alike attracted the attention of Dr. Abraham Erskine, who recruited Rogers as a volunteer for Project Rebirth, which transformed the weak Rogers into the super soldier Captain America. During World War II, Rogers led many successful missions against the Nazis but was eventually declared missing in action. He was rediscovered decades later frozen in a block of ice, surviving miraculously thanks to the effects of Erskine’s super serum. Since then, Steve Rogers has been a prominent member and frequent leader of the Avengers, one of the world’s best known superhero teams.

And here are the results from yesterday:

Women, Group Alpha:

  1. Leia Organa (23 votes, 32.86%)
  2. Morticia Addams and Dana Scully (12 votes, 17.14%)
  3. Sameen Shaw and Ellen Ripley (11 votes, 15.71%)
  4. None of the above (1 vote, 1.43%)

Women, Group Bravo:

  1. Margaret “Peggy” Carter (25 votes, 35.71%)
  2. Diana Prince (14 votes, 20.00%)
  3. Natalia Romanova (12 votes, 17.14%)
  4. Inara Serra (9 votes, 12.86%)
  5. Melinda May and none of the above (5 votes, 7.14%)

Men, Group Alpha:

  1. Jean-Luc Picard (30 votes, 42.25%)
  2. Henry “Indiana” Jones, Jr. (16 votes, 22.54%)
  3. Rupert “Ripper” Giles (12 votes, 16.90%)
  4. Poe Dameron (11 votes, 15.49%)
  5. None of the above (2 votes, 2.82%)

Men, Group Bravo:

  1. Steve Rogers (22 votes, 30.99%)
  2. Han Solo and Hoban “Wash” Washburne (17 votes, 23.94%)
  3. James “Bucky” Buchanan Barnes (8 votes, 11.27%)
  4. Luke Cage (6 votes, 8.45%)
  5. None of the above (1 vote, 1.41%)

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