Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin, and Muntsa Vicente are going the Radiohead route with their new project The Private Eye: You can pay what you want for a 32-page download in 3 DRM-free formats (PDF, CBR, CBZ) and 3 languages (English, Spanish, Catalan). And while you can get it for free, it's well worth your money.

Set in a future where the internet has been abandoned because of privacy concerns and everyone hides their real names and faces from the public, The Private Eye #1 is a noir where the old cliche of nobody being what they seem is taken absolutely literally. Vaughan's writing is as sharp as ever, bringing new life and a fresh perspective to characters that might otherwise be dull Dashiell Hammett imitations. Martin's art and Vicente's colors do the heavy lifting of showing us the world 60 years from now (and it's the little things that sell it, though the hovercars are fun).

As far as pricing goes, I threw down five bucks for it. Most comics on stands now run between three or four dollars for twenty or so pages, and this is better than most of those. All purchases of this issue are going to help fund the production of the planned ten issue series, so keep that in mind when deciding what it's worth to you.