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VeinViewer: Making Something Unpleasant Slightly Less So

Not a big fan of needle sticks? Me neither. I voluntarily subject myself to it when I donate blood, and I'm lucky enough not to have any health problems that require me to interact with hypodermic needles on a regular basis. But I can never watch while the phlebotomist sticks me, and I've had bad experiences with them not hitting the vein the right way, and having to make adjustments. This device looks like it is pretty effective at reducing those kinds of situations.


The VeinViewer system projects a real-time image of a person's veins directly onto their skin, using near-infrared light to create the image. The light is absorbed by the blood but reflected by the skin (or vice versa, when a "negative" image is required). The system can "see" up to 15 mm into a patient's skin, which allows it to image veins and blood patterns. The manufacturer estimates that the use of the VeinViewer improves IV-placement by 100%, preventing the need for re-sticks.

LaughingSquid has a promotional video that shows the VeinViewer operating in real time - just be warned that it does show people getting needle sticks and one person receiving an intentional needle bruise. Best not to watch it if that bothers you.

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