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Victorian Lesbians and Pyromaniac Firefighters: Current Comics You Should Read

The current crop of comic books are wide and varied. Readers are basically spoiled for choice: if they don’t like Marvel and DC, there’s also Dark Horse, Image, Vertigo, Valiant, IDW, and more. So let’s take a look at some current comic books that you could (and probably should) be reading.


Slash & Burn (Vertigo)
Written by Si Spencer, with art by Max Dunbar and Ande Parks.

This is the story of Rosheen Hayes, firefighter. She’s a really good firefighter, too — she can tell if it’s arson just by the look and the smell of it. When another firefighter is shot at the scene of a fire, she is pulled into the mystery, along with a police detective.

But Rosheen has another secret from way back during her time in the Hayes Orphanage: she’s a pyromaniac. And now another orphan from back then has shown up and she can’t get that song they used to sing out of her mind, the one about the Matchstick Man. After all, it only takes one spark to light a fire.


InSeXts (AfterShock)
Written by Marguerite Bennett, with art by Ariela Kristantina.

It’s the Victorian Era and one Lady is feeling smothered and abused by her husband and the constraints of society. So she turns to her lady’s maid and begins to have an affair, which turns into something much stranger as her lady’s maid reveals that she knows of a way to get rid of her husband...and it involves changing themselves into strange insect-like beings.


Seriously, this is a Victorian lesbian romance horror story that is equal parts sweet and holy crap creepy. Bennett described it as “high, penny dreadful, Victorian melodrama, though with some airs and graces of modern horror and modern love.” Also, a warning: the first issue is quite NSFW.


The Eighth Seal (IDW)
Written by James Tynion IV, with art by Jeremy Rock

A woman is having strange and gruesome nightmares and visions where she is transformed into a grotesque version of herself and goes on a killing spree. The disturbing parts of these visions is the fact that she enjoys it when she kills, she enjoys ripping off children’s heads and disemboweling them. And when she wakes up, she realizes just how disturbing they were and she doesn’t know how to stop them.


Oh, and did I mention that she’s the First Lady? And that there’s some sort of conspiracy surrounding her and the President? Probably should have mentioned that.


Head Lopper (Image)
Written/drawn by Andrew MacLean

You know, sometimes you just want to read about the adventures of a muscular barbarian chopping off the heads of monsters, accompanying by the snarky decapitated head of an immortal witch.


Seriously, if there is one word to describe Head Lopper, it’s “fun.” And also “decapitate,” because there’s a lot of that going on, too. It’s about Norgal the Head Lopper and his companion/slave Agatha the Blue Witch (or, rather, her head) as they travel to a distant land to, you know, lop off some heads.

Well, okay, Norgal will do most of the head lopping. Agatha can’t because she doesn’t have arms. And also she hates Norgal because he cut off her freakin’ head, man.


So there you go. Go read them all.

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