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Vintage Car Enthusiasts in the Toronto Area?

*Can someone share this to Opposite Lock for me?*

I heard from the grapevine that people 'round here like them fancy horseless carriages.


Okay I'll stop making bad jokes and get right to it:

I'm looking for a fancy schmancy car for my wedding. I've checked out services but they are very very expensive and come with "services" that I don't want, like "Just Married" signs, "authentically" uniformed chauffeurs, champagne and red carpet service. No, thank you. But these fancy cars are pretty much only in Wedding Packages so I can't really pick and choose from the buffet of services, as it is.

I asked around and was told that folks with fancy vintage cars love showing them off and often for reasonable prices!

Anyway, if anyone knows anyone in the Greater Toronto Area with cool vintage cars like Rolls Royces and others (I'm also partial to '50s Thunderbirds), preferably from before 1960, and who enjoy showing it off for a reasonable price and drive us around a bit in July, please let me know?

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