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Virus denier ordered by court to pay up

Bwahahahahaha this is rich.

Stefan Lanka (he calls himself a biologist, but I refuse to recognize that) believes that many infectious diseases are not caused by viruses. He denies the existence of any of these pathogens, and claims that the images of these bugs are just part of some elaborate medical fraud. What's particularly frustrating is that his claims are taken up by anti-vaxxers as "validation" for their distrust in vaccinations.


Four years ago, Lanka put up an offer of 100,000 euros for anyone who could prove the existence of the measles virus. Dr. David Barden offered evidence from the loads of studies out there proving their existence, but of course Lanka refused to recognize their validity. Now a court in southern Germany has ordered Lanka to pay up.

It's nice to see a court recognize the absurdity of these claims, but it's disturbing that there are "scientists" out there giving validity to these dangerous beliefs. With the current outbreaks of Ebola, measles, and the ongoing cost of HIV/AIDS, TB, etc., we really can't afford to have these folks trying to move us backwards.

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