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​Von's Verbosity: Marvel has more riding on GotG than anyone knows

Already, the experts are calling Guardians of the Galaxy a gamble because it's based on a property that's pretty much inside baseball for the comic book crowd. But it isn't Marvel Comics that's making these movies, it's Marvel Studios.

And if that company wants to stay in for the long game, they have to come up with more than just tentpole movies supporting huge spandex and leather tents.


So at first, I thought GotG would be a bigger gamble because if it hits big with this the SF fans can have another Firefly/Farscape/Han Soloesque franchise to enjoy. And I'm sure a lot of others would agree. Then I realized that this is almost low-hanging fruit for the studio.

Quick trivia question: Which of these two movies, Road to Perdition, a gangster movie, or A History of Violence, another gangster movie, is based on a comic book?

Trick question – Both of them are based on comic books.


And with Marvel Studio's access to Marvel Comics 75-year old library of IP, there won't be genre that Marvel Studios couldn't shoehorn into their production schedule once they break out of that "superhero movie company" stereotype.

That goes double since Marvel Entertainment has plans are already underway to dive into the Cross-Gen Comic franchises that Disney picked up for a steal 10 years ago.


Pitch perfect example is Ruse, a Cross Gen title that was a Sherlock Homes clone. One successful Ruse movie and Disney/Marvel/ABC will never put the deerstalker hat on again — unless it's a Ruse vs. Holmes showdown.

Go far enough down the road and I can see a future where Marvel Studios executives ironically embarrassed to talk about those old cheesy 2-D super hero movies.


For that really long game, though, I can see Marvel Studio hoping that in the year 2074 there will be two kids on their first date sitting down to share their ocular implant data feed to see a romantic comedy that has zero superheros or SciFi in it. (the more things change, the more they stay the same). And as those kids see the opening credits stream by, they'll think that it odd that Marvel's logo has that "flwip-flwip-flwp" sound and maybe they guess it represents an image app shuffling those images inside the words.

'Cause what's a comic book?

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