Honorable mentions for pretty much everyone who left replies to this post. Part of Pitchblade's answer was eleven. Didn't say eleven of what, just eleven.

Also, everyone trying help me out with this, but after I picked the best reply for last week, I got more replies. And I know that on the O Deck we have math people, and I think that we have a couple of actual math teacher, so I though maybe someone would type out how to determine the odds of my winning the contest, and then based on that, how much money and time and effort do I want to spend trying to win fifty bucks. But no, no one did that. But Drillpress must have interesting memories from math class.

And then today Corpsegoddess said the last thing that ever needs to be said about Miley Cyrus, cause most grownups try not to scratch there in public.


I don't care if men "get away with" grabbing their crotches all the time—they don't with me, and I judge Miley the same as any male counterparts.

Even when I was trying to get attention in my teens and early 20's, I always tried to do it with a touch of grace and class (which to me, when applied correctly, is genderless).

When you have to do something that infants do (grabbing your privates, making stupid faces and odd gestures) to get attention or declare that you're "grown up", there's something wrong with your approach—whether you're male or female, I don't give a good goddamn.