The trove of papers is rife with obscene language (mainly from Frank Darabont), and shows how profit works in a specific industry where decisions are based in part on corporate and individual avarice. Whose greed is worse? The (alleged) book-cooking television series creative machine wing over at AMC or Darabont, whose admittedly foul (but not unheard of in an industry where auteurs, producers, and actors also practice the use of both foul written and verbal) language?

Darabont’s language, after all, isn’t what the concern and focus of the case is; it’s a salacious detail in a court case based around finances. However, AMC’s lawyers are arguing that his behavior resulted in the decision of firing him and whether said behavior should result in the court’s decision in terms of what legal compensation he is or isn’t owed for kicking off their most successful/lucrative television show.


After processing these thousands of pages of exhibition released by lawyers, and some time, and some testimony, and likely more papers, the courts will decide. It is, after all, a $280 million dollar, three-year-in-the-making case. In the meanwhile, the papers, and the in-depth articles about them are worth reading for yourself.

Here are some article links (language NSFW) that source from the material. They go into far greater detail and examine what this means about the business model for hit cable shows and how this relates to the finances work behind the scenes for other shows, like “Better Call Saul”:

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