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Walter gets promoted to Regular on Sleepy Hollow

I don't think it's been mentioned here or on the main site yet, but I just found this bit of good news for John Noble fans. Just a warning: the linked article has some spoilerage at the bottom if you didn't see the season finale of Sleepy Hollow yet, so I'll paste the important part.

From the Deadline.com article:

Fringe's John Noble is back on series regular duty at Fox. After a three-episode arc on the freshman season of Sleepy Hollow, Noble is joining the cast of the breakout drama as a regular next season.


Also promoted to regular is Lyndie Greenwood, who plays Abbie's sister, Jenny.

Sleepy Hollow has been a great show so far, and I've been loving Noble's turn as a Sin Eater. I'm happy that it's coming back next season, and that it's getting a proper full order as well.

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