Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara just dropped a bunch of news about their upcoming DC Comics movies on a shareholder call. The Wall Street Journal's Ben Fritz has been live tweeting it, so there may be more details released later.

Here's the updated Warner Bros./DC Comics movie roadmap:

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice โ€“ 03/25/16
  • Suicide Squad โ€“ 08/05/16
  • Wonder Woman โ€“ 06/23/17
  • Justice League Part One โ€“ 11/17/17
  • The Flash โ€“ 03/23/18
  • Aquaman โ€“ 07/27/18
  • Shazam โ€“ 04/05/19
  • Justice League Part Two โ€“ 06/14/19
  • Cyborg โ€“ 04/03/20
  • Green Lantern โ€“ 06/19/20