Today for some weird fucking reason on this actually awesome post about the dark side of fandom I kept getting replies from people about my comment here. I was actually going to reply in words and clarify my comment a little bit more, but every single reply was a variation on you aren't a true fan, someone even said Tom would hate me. I checked their comment histories and most just commented on that post or had very little comments so I decided to just gif troll them, but honestly I really decided to do it when someone made the super insulting comment of "wow so retarded" which fucking pissed me off. I was going to post a rage reply about how that was not cool, and if you are going to insult get creative, but decided to just keep gif trolling. Actually it really quite amusing to me at least, to keep it going, but they all left the thread sigh. Anywho just wanted some feedback if this acceptable replying on the Odeck, at least to douchbags who want to police want kind of fan I am or call me a retard which is really offensive for obvious reasons.