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WATCH: Opening Scene of Scream TV Show

So, I ended up on Yahoo...a place you may be a little bit familiar with because that is where the most recent season of Community went to live.


The first 8 minutes of the Scream TV show was posted for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Also to get folks to tune into the series premiere this coming Tuesday on MTV.


So...spoilers if you click play on the video. Or look at the pic posted below.

Anyway, it looks pretty decent. Well except for the mask. The mask is...how do I say this? Well, let’s look at the mask, shall we?

The mask looks like a sex doll spliced with a porcelain doll. Both are scary in their own right, for sure, but...just no.


Anyway, I’ll tune in and check out the first episode. The preview reminds me more of Scream 4 than the earlier trilogy but I’ve liked the Scream franchise overall (in this order, from best to worst: 1, 4, 2, 3).

Do you like scary TV shows? Will you tune in?

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