Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Watch out guys, we got badass over here

Guess who!

Neil. The badass is Neil deGrasse Tyson. Because...



He's the recipient of the inaugural Dunlap Prize:

The Dunlap Prize is being awarded to Dr. Tyson in recognition of his remarkable efforts to communicate astronomy to the public, an achievement that resonates with the Dunlap Institute's goal of excellence in astronomy and astrophysics.


The ceremony is taking place the University of Toronto in Convocation Hall, famous for being the place where Lindsay Lohan did the Math Competition in Mean Girls. It's also famous for having someone fall from it and survive. Get me drunk and I'll tell you that story. Maybe.

They're not *technically* allowing audio-recording or photography, but I'll do it anyways and post it for y'all.

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