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Watch Russia's Astromech Unerringly Shoot a Whole Wall of Targets Like It's Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing

No one in space can hear you feeling really, really weird about this thing being with you the whole time.

Over at Mashable, there’s a good article about Russia’s ISS-bound space robot being shown off via its extra-added ability to “double fist lethal hand cannons”. It’s the “perfect” way for the Russians to show off its complex motor function skills and software by having it blast away with unnerving accuracy. Yes, it basically does look like Skynet accidentally sent an early T model back in time to a few years ago to somewhere in Russia, and then the Russians decided to retrofit it for use at the space station alongside several unsuspecting humans. And yes, that definitely qualifies as a sci-fi thriller/horror movie premise.


Watch the whole video at the link as I can’t seem to embed it, enjoy the article, then come back here and tell me that Russia didn’t stick its space robot into a montage with a whole bunch of war machines and shoot said footage with utter, delicious gratuity. (See: close up shot of spent shell casings drop to the floor beside the robot’s foot.)

“Come with me if you want to live on freeze-dried ice cream and freeze-dried lasagna.”


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