Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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RocketJump is a YouTube channel and studio created by Freddie Wong that produces weekly short videos. Starting December 2, they began airing RocketJump: The Show on Hulu, a behind-the-scenes show about how they make their shorts.

The first episode was about the writing/directing of High Plains Drifter (or The Good, the Fast, and the Furious), a western shot in the style of The Fast and the Furious. The second episode, however, changes things up by having Ashly Burch (of Hey Ash, Watcha Playin?) as the director and the story about two conflicting viewpoints on writing a fanfiction: one woman who wants to write about Jedi Knight Sherlock and Sith Lord Dracula fighting and the other who wants to write about them knocking boots.

The entire episode should really be watched to see the pressure that Ashly Burch overcomes in starring and directing the short and how she deals with the anxiety of it, especially when a three-day shoot unexpectedly becomes a two-day shoot.


Ashly’s brother, Anthony, also has a great explanation of what fanfiction actually is:

The short film itself comes at the end of the show, although it will be uploaded to RocketJump’s YouTube channel within the next week. You should all watch it if you want to watch Sherlock and Dracula battle on the Battlestar Galactica over the corpse of Malcolm Reynolds. Or watch them make out shirtless. You know, whichever one you want.

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