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Watch the Greatest (and Only) Anthem to Period Sex from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has included a myriad of songs about different topics. One song, however, that kept on getting interrupted and never seen in total was “Period Sex,” Rebecca Bunch’s anthem to having sex while on her period. The show’s loss is our gain, however, as Rachel Bloom has released the entirety of the song and music video on her YouTube channel.

Watch as Rachel dances while blood slowly drips behind her. Hear her sing, “If you’re grossed out/Just pretend it’s cherry lube.”


Watch as clips from other episodes are strung together to make the chorus of “Period Sex. Period Sex.” Hear Rachel ask, “Where those sheets expensive?/I’ll venmo you back for your sheeeeets./I hope you can get those sheets again.”

Watch it and be awed.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend airs tonight at 9 PM on the CW.

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