As some of you may know, I just finished University last week and have spent my free time partying and researching. Today, I’ve discovered that my brother had bought me a present, the complete Star Wars: The Clone Wars series (except season 6), including the movie. I had never watched the series or the film before, so after some debating on to whether watch this or the original Mad Max (another series I’ve never seen), me and him watched the movie pilot.

Again, as some of you may know, I don’t like spoilers, but this time I did know a few things before walking in. I knew that this movie had a massive negative reception as well as it was the first few episodes of the series merged together and many don’t consider it a “proper” Star Wars movie because it’s animated. After watching it though... It was bad, but it was far better then episode 1 & 2 in my opinion and was definitely not deserving of its rotten tomatoes.

I liked the art style which reminded me of old 30s-40s cartoon caricatures like the Superman shorts and some of the action was also very good as well, though I can see why some would get tired from the sheer amount the film has. On the other hand though, some of the characterization seemed off, with Anakin acting out of character and Obi Wan chewing on the scenery. It also seemed like Dooku’s plan was a we bit to silly, as it basically comes down to hoping Jabba is to much of an idiot to realize he’s being duped.

I also have some questions for fans of the series: Does the series improve later on or does it stay around the same tone? Do we get an explanation for Asajj Ventress because doesn’t she break the Sith rule of two? What exactly is Palpatine’s plan in all this? How does having the Hutt clan affect his future plans in anyway? Finally, how on earth does a padawan out rank an experienced Clone Captain? That just seems really silly.