And it was some damn fine entertainment. I shall post no spoilers. I just want to make clear that for anyone who has avoided the show because of its deviations from Sherlock lore that you've missed out.

When I first heard about Elementary, I derided the changes they were making. I understood the reasoning for the changes. They had to make the show sufficiently different from the UK Sherlock. Fair enough. But a female Watson serving as Holmes's sober companion? What complete nonsense. I was so very wrong.

Lucy Liu is absolutely amazing as Watson. The dynamic between Watson and Holmes is fantastic. The show's depiction of the rehabilitation from drug use is compelling. And I cannot vocalize just how nice it is to see a male/female duo that doesn't turn into a will they/won't they scenario. They're partners who respect each other. I'm sure the fanfiction has them doing all sorts of nastiness, but that's a whole other can of worms.

So to sum up. If you haven't watched it, do so. If you have watched it, and you didn't like it, you smell funny, and I'm not sending you any Christmas cards.