Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

because it's on Netflix streaming now. I watched the first seasons regularly, but drifted away from it towards the end. Why did I do that? Actually, I'm kind of glad, because there's so many little goodies that I would not have gotten a bit, at the time. I hadn't seen Battlestar Galactica at that time, and the "frak off" tee shirt wouldn't have meant much. I have a greater understanding of nerd culture now, and Chuck was spectacular at the nerd culture nods. I'm up to season 4, and a mysterious clear card, like a credit card without a magnetic strip, has ten numbers etched onto it. You have one guess as to what those numbers are.


You can tell the writers really appreciated the other shows that were on at the time. They give winks and nods to them all over the place. I wish I'd kept track of them, in this viewing. My ears and eyes catch them now. This Lost reference just solidified this as a thorough re-watch for me. I think there was also a reference to Oceanic 815, back in season 2, now that I'm thinking about it...Chuck is definitely going into my "repeats" pile. Also, "Spider-man kiss?" "No."

The ear also picks up on the cross-promotion, the little commercial bits, that actually blend pretty well, most of the time. The Subway ones start to stand out, but I think that's on purpose. The Toyota ones stay pretty subtle.

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