Doff your Deerstalkers, Internet - tonight's repeat of A Scandal in Belgravia has some clues to decipher the title of Series 3's last episode!

Starting tonight on BBC1, The BBC are repeating Series 2 of Sherlock - but they've announced that on top of that, there will be clues in each episode that will allow fans to decipher the title of the upcoming series third episode, with one word of the title being hinted each episode. So far we know Series 3 has The Empty Hearse and The Sign of Three, but very little is known about the third entry. The BBC offered one cryptic clue to help us out...

Remember, the title's in the titles. But which titles could we mean? #Sherlock #Sherlock3

โ€” BBC One (@BBCOne) July 5, 2013

Come on though, in these Sherlock-starved months, it's not like you needed an excuse to rewatch anyway.