I admit the main reason I’m watching Wayward Pines is to see if the show is going with the twist from the book series*. But I didn’t want to drop a bunch of spoilers in the mainpage recap of the show. Obviously there will be MAJOR SPOILERS from the first book that may be in play.

So far nothing contradicts the idea that the town of Wayward Pines where Ethan Burke woke up is in a post-collapse future (I wasn’t kidding about major spoilers). If anything, all signs so far point to that still being the case, particularly that shot at the beginning of the town as a bright spot on a dark landscape.

Beverly’s death wasn’t shocking of course since it happens in the first book under similar circumstances. I was a little surprised in the first episode that Juliette Lewis was playing her. I was thinking they might stretch her part a bit but I’m glad they didn’t.

But it does look like they’re beefing up the roles of the wife and son in the present. I don’t know how far into the book series they have already covered a good chunk of the first book though the later part where things are explained could easily cover several episodes. Still, ten episodes is more than what’s needed to cover the first book so I understand why some things are being expanded upon.


So what do you think? Is the show going with the same Big Twist or are they going to do something different?

*I’ve read the first book Pines but wasn’t interested enough to read the rest. But I don’t mind spoilers for the other books since at this point I don’t plan on reading them.


Image from the Fox show site.