And when you're hungry, your PC will double as a microwave oven for your frozen burritos.

Actually, CompuServe was my introduction to online living, pre-web, dialup-style, back in the early-mid '90s. By that point I had owned several computers, but had never experienced the Internet in any form. Despite the proprietary design, C-Serve was pretty swell; I remember corresponding regularly with a bunch of famous, semi-famous, and now-famous people who were also subscribers. (Neil Gaiman was incredibly easy to get a hang of in those days, especially at 2 AM.) Most of the users had been on the service since the '80s, so they tended to be older, more articulate, and better-informed than the typical digital denizens of the era.

I also tricked this one dumbass in a chatroom into thinking I was Keith Richards once. Good times.

Found via William Gibson's twitter feed.