Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I know we all moan about how technology still hasn't manage to produce food pills, flying cars and non-fattening cheese, but every so often a little thing happens that reminds me how far we really have come. Yesterday I bought some CDs (remember those?), yes I know, but they were old stock three-for-a-fiver bargains that for some reason had yet to make it into my music collection. Today I ripped them onto my hard drive and it occurred to me, it was taking longer to rip them than it would to download them.

I promptly screamed "Lawks! What sorcery is this? Get thy devil out of my back room, machine, or so help me I'll fetch the holy water and the sledgehammer!"


Yeah, I'm getting old, but little things like this remind me of how far we have come just in my old lifetime, and how we should probably be a little more patient with science, it is moving things forwards, just not always in the directions we imagined. So, what futuristic things have you done today?

[The author realises that if he was truly living in 2013 he would have just streamed Rick Wakeman's futuristic keyboard sounds straight from the cloud, but you can take the man out of the 70's...]

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