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Saijun Fan and his colleagues from the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC discovered Rad-X!

Of course they don’t call it Rad-X. The small molecule compound DIM (3,3′-diindolylmethane) can be found in cabbage and broccoli and already proved to help cells getting less prone to cancer and stress.


Now they tested this miracle stuff on mice, who were exposed to 5 to 13 Gray dose of radiation. Over 50% of the mice survived, if they got DIM before they were exposed to radiation. Same with mice who got DIM after 2 hours. Even after 24 hours one third of the mice survived.

Nobody knows, how it works, but it seems to activate a semiochemical which accelerates the healing process of the cell. Another good news is, that it doesn't work on cancer cells. Radiation therapy can kill cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue!

But the most important point: You can convince your children, that they should eat tons of broccoli and cabbage, if they want to survive the next nuclear apocalypse. Because there doesn't seem to be a lethal dose for DIM.

Source: Saijun Fan et al., PNAS

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