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We are the Vanguard of your Brick-based Destruction

For a rampaging creature from the dark spaces at the centre of the universe, the Reapers are... oddly cute when made out of lego.


Although not as big as its 160 meter tall in-game counterpart, this Legoised Destroyer-class Reaper by Imagine Rigney (That's apparently his real name!) is still incredibly impressive.

With a name as odd as his lego-building talent is great, he's got some pedigree with this sort of stuff - he's the amazing mind behind this incredible Lego recreation of Bioshock's underwater city, Rapture, which caught the attention of the gaming press and Irrational Games in 2011.

Check out more pictures of Imagine's Reaper model here, and see even more of his fabulous creations over on his Flickr page.

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